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WoW Tales from BC: Microslave, and how the Horde deals with griefing

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Karazhan, everyone’s favourite raid. Unanimously.

August 2016 marked 10 years of World of Warcraft for me. I started in late Vanilla and didn’t get to see an awful lot, but I remember a time of dishonorable kills, Southshore/Tarren Mill battles, and learning ranked spells from your class trainer.

Burning Crusade brought the glory days for me. I look back on the content fondly, both because I loved the lore and the way it was presented to us, and I loved the people I played with.

I’m going to share one of those stories with you now. You even get pictures!

<Entranced> was a pretty shitty progression guild on the Oceanic server of Aman’Thul. Our whole server sucked on Horde side. The top Horde guild <Ajantis> didn’t manage to kill Kael before the Black Temple attunement was removed, leaving no hope for the rest of us scrubs.

Being a PvE Carebear server, we had a pretty decent understanding with the Alliance guilds on our realm. When the world bosses were up for the week, we took the pulls by turn, allowing those who formed up first to have their chance and get back in the queue.

This story centers around Doom Lord Kazzak, then situated in Hellfire Peninsula. For those unfamiliar with mechanics of BC world bosses, if he was killed, he was killed. No respawn for the rest of the week. Single raid group would claim the victory and the spoils. Kazzak in particular relied on the goodness of the raid guilds on our server – if you died to an ability from the boss, he would regenerate health. Those not participating in the pull would hang way back, because even a single death could make the difference between a kill and a wipe.

And so it went, except for Microslave.

Microslave was an alliance player. When the Alli guilds attempted Kazzak, he left them alone. When the Horde guilds attempted, he flew in and died to interrupt our attempts. We played by the rules, despite his griefing. When we wiped, we moved to the back of the queue. An Alli guild got the kill that week, and we were pissed. So what do pissed off raiders do?

We get even.

Horde have Thrallmar. Alliance have Honor Hold. Or had. We saw to that well enough.


Ignore my UI, it was a long time ago, okay? Still, one of the prettier ones I’ve had.

Honor Hold dealt with, we decided we weren’t satisfied. Not yet. We picked up some of the other Horde guilds thwarted by the griefing, and moved onward to the Alliance cities.


Entrance to Stormwind

These were the days before achievements. There was no mount. There were no points. This was vengeance, pure and simple. We were out for blood.


Remember when Varian was missing? Like, temporarily. Not for good. Too soon?

A friend logged to an Alliance toon to see if we could track down Microslave. Alli trade chat was overflowing with hatred. We were killing NPCs and anyone stupid enough to flag up. The hate wasn’t for us though, oh no. It was directed at the douche who broke the unspoken treaties of world bosses. The Alliance were out for blood, but it wasn’t ours.


She took the Deeprun Tram going aaaanywhere.

Ironforge was next. We moved on largely unchallenged. The only people geared enough to take us down were the very raid guilds pissed off that one of their faction was griefing raiders.


He didn’t drop loot 😦

Ironforge fell quickly – so convenient of them to place the bosses in easily accessible spots, don’t you think? We got word from an Alliance friend. Microslave was in The Exodar.


We asked the guards for directions to the douche, but they stood firm. Let no one say they lacked courage… or health pools.

If you’ve never stepped foot in The Exodar, you would probably be as impressed as we were initially. It’s a very pretty city. It’s also a pain in the ass to navigate. We ran around looking for our little griefing friend, making friends with the guards along the way.


Look who we found!?

At last. Microslave. Hated of both factions. Unfortunately for us, he didn’t flag up. He just stood there, watching us kill the NPCs he tried to use. Hope you didn’t want to use the auction house, kiddo.


Time for a spot of fishing between decimating entire cities.

Unflagged, our blood lust continued. We’d come this far, after all. Darnassus called.


Summarised neatly in the words of our shadow priest, Sympathy: “IM IN UR BAESE KILLING UR WIPSPS”

Archdruid down, we turned to the grand prize.


There is so much fucking water here. What’s with that? People asking the Big Questions when destroying cities: “Anyone up for heroic UB after this?”

Seriously. So. Much. Water. We don’t have water in any of our cities. I mean, not unless you count the green sludge in Undercity, or the single puddle in Thunder Bluff.


Yo, Tyrande. Say hi to Malfurion for us. Oh wait, you can’t. He left you 😦

Darnassus cleared out, there was nothing left for us to do. Our point was driven home. The Alliance turned on their own, assuring that Microslave wasn’t going to be getting his own groups for Heroic UB any time soon (and this was pre-dungeon finder too).


Reveling in our decisive victory.

We were never griefed again.


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